“Please Don’t Kill Me”: Man Who Accidentally Killed Monkey In Awka Pleads For Mercy [VIDEO]

A man found himself in a precarious situation in Awka after unintentionally killing a monkey. The man, a long-time resident of Awka, had set a trap in the bush with the intention of catching bushmeat.

However, his plans took an unexpected turn when the trap ensnared a monkey instead of the intended prey.

The man, in a viral video, confessed his mistake, acknowledging his awareness of the Awka people’s reverence for monkeys.

He pleaded for mercy from the community, fearing potential repercussions for his actions.

He said, “I know I have committed a grave offense, please do not kill me, but you can take me anywhere you want.”

Awka indigenes, upon interrogating the man, chose not to mete out severe punishment. Instead, they opted to appease the god of the land to prevent any adverse consequences resulting from the sacrilegious act.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the community showed compassion towards the man, understanding that his actions were unintentional.

Monkeys, freely roaming in people’s compounds, are regarded with reverence and respect in the Awka kingdom. Their significance extends beyond mere animals, symbolizing sacredness and spiritual connections within the community. 


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