Police Arrest Four ‘EFCC Officials’ Over Attempted Kidnapping  

Four individuals suspected of impersonating officials from the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have been apprehended in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State.

Naija News learnt that the suspects were plotting to kidnap a person in order to demand a ransom of ₦150 million when they were apprehended.

The suspects were publicly paraded on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Akwa Ibom State Police Command.

During a press briefing in Uyo, the Commissioner of Police for the state, CP Waheed Ayilara, singled out Emmanuel Akpayak as the main suspect.

CP Ayilara stated that Akpayak orchestrated the abduction of the intended victim, who he owed more than ₦12 million, with the intention of extorting money from him and ultimately eliminating him to avoid repaying his debt.

The other three suspects were identified as Echem Ovurizichi Weneka, Promise Udofia, and Jeremiah Johnson Okon.

The investigation conducted by the Commissioner of Police revealed that Emmanuel Augustine Akpayak had orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of the intended victim by enlisting armed individuals and providing them with EFCC vests/uniforms for the operation.

He further mentioned that the victim was lured to a location, and a search of the main suspect’s residence led to the discovery of four sets of EFCC vests.

“Information at hand indicates that the suspect transacted the business of selling cars with the would-be victim and owed the victim about Twelve Million Naira (₦12,000,000.00), in order to evade the repayment of debt, the suspect hired armed men to kidnap, extort the sum of ₦150 million and also kill the victim, thereafter, but the Operation was foiled. Suspects will have their day in court,” the Police Commissioner noted.

The main suspect, while speaking to reporters, asserted that the person he intended to harm was actually his business partner to whom he owed money.

He claimed that he had hired individuals to intimidate him.

He explained that his attempts to resolve the issue through peaceful means had failed, so he decided to purchase an EFCC vest online and give it to his accomplices, who pretended to be officials, in order to apprehend the man and coerce him into paying ₦150 million.

He alleged that the victim was wealthy and involved in internet fraud.

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