Protests Erupt Over Tragic Death And Economic Hardship In Nigeria

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The recent death of Mansur Abdullahi, a promising graduate turned farmer and trader, has sparked protests in the Rigachikun community on the outskirts of Kaduna city.

Mansur, who was hit by a bullet during a political skirmish, tragically passed away, leading to demonstrations and road blockades by aggrieved youths demanding justice.

The community was engulfed in tension, with security forces deployed to maintain order.

Hardship: Pensioners dying in droves, NUP raises alarm 

In a separate but equally distressing development, the Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP) has sounded the alarm over the alarming number of deaths among its members due to economic hardship.

The NUP president, Mr. Godwin Abumisi, revealed that over 1,500 pensioners have succumbed to the harsh economic conditions, citing meager monthly pensions as low as N450 in some regions.

The combination of these two events has highlighted the deep-seated economic challenges and social unrest in Nigeria, painting a grim picture of the hardships faced by its citizens

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