Reactions Trail Obi’s Reply After He Was Accused Of Buying A 650million Naira Mansion In Enugu

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Mixed reactions are trailing on social media as a tweet from Peter Obi which shows his response to an accusation surfaces online. The tweet shows an allegation from a Twitter user who claimed Peter Obi bought a mansion worth 650 million naira. It was also claimed that he bought the mansion in Enugu.

It reads;

“Breaking News… Anambra former governor, Mr Peter Obi acquires 650 million naira Mansion in Enugu. Obi the liar, he will come back here to say he has just one wrist watch.”

Reacting to the allegation, Peter Obi said that he doesn’t own a house outside Anambra, he lives in his house in Onitsha and the houses he’s interested in building are schools and hospitals.

He wrote;

“Contrary to the reports on social media, I didn’t buy any house in Enugu or elsewhere. I do not need a house outside Anambra for now and I’m committed to living in my house in Onitsha. The houses I am interested in building for now are hospitals and schools.”

The response from Peter Obi has stirred mixed reactions after it was shared by a Twitter user. Many who reacted shared different opinions in the comment section.

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