Reuben Abati Reacts After Obi Accused Melaye Of Unwarranted Attacks At Arise TV Town Hall Meeting

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Reuben Abati, a well-known Nigerian journalist, responded on Arise television when Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, accused Dino Melaye of unjustified insults at the Arise TV Town Hall Meeting.

Reuben Abati responded to the incident by saying, “I was the event moderator so whatever I say in one way or another could be misconstrued, but you are likely to get a lot of this because it is political season and as you can see on the newspapers, politicians take on each other, and spokespersons go on an over drives to try to defend their principles.”

Furthermore, Reuben Abati stated; “We are requesting decorum from all parties and courtesy. Additionally, we’re pleading with politicians, their fans, and their stand-ins to behave “.

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