Rufai Oseni Addresses Nigerians Who Think Peter Obi Is Granting Excess Interviews

A prominent Nigerian journalist, Rufai Oseni, has addressed the opinions of some Nigerians who think the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi, is granting too many interviews. Rufai addressed the opinion on VOP while discussing the absence of some presidential candidates from the Arise TV debate despite early notification.

Addressing the topic, Oseni said, “I wonder what kind of talk that is. Peter Obi decided to run for president, and nobody forced him. He must grant all the interviews because that is what comes with the terrain. A lot of people will think that he is unserious if he ignores interviews. They will look at Peter Obi the same way they view the other candidates who are not appearing for interviews as unserious. We all know the problems with our politics and how money and other means are used to win elections.

He continued, “Obi must attend the interviews. The fact that some people get away with a lack of accountability does not mean that it is good. We must encourage our candidates to move around and speak to the people. It is not a bad thing if Peter Obi attends all the interviews. The lack of respect shown to Nigerians by politicians is unfair.

You may recall that the PDP and APC presidential candidates were absent during the Arise TV debate that was recently organized. The incident was followed by an announcement by Peter Obi’s spokesman regarding the kind of debates that the presidential candidate would now attend. The announcement has since sparked mixed reactions among Nigerians.


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