Sad: Pregnant Woman Who Was Caught Cheating With Pastor Kill Herself Over Public Ridicule

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According to reports, Martha, the pregnant woman who garnered negative attention on social media last week, committed suicide as a result of the criticism. 

The sad report which is coming from Zambia reveals that pregnant Martha reportedly died as a result of the response in her native Zambia after her disgruntled husband recorded the incident and posted it online. Several Zambian news organizations have covered the story. 

Martha allegedly made inappropriate contact with another man when she was pregnant, and her husband caught her. While some have asserted that Martha’s unnamed lover is her pastor, no news reports from Zambia have been able to verify whether or not those claims are true.

Martha allegedly told her husband that she was going to be seeing her family somewhere (Kitwe) but apparently, she had other plans up her sleeves.

The incident was revealed to Martha’s husband when he got home. No further details regarding what happened are available. On social media, some offensive content has recently been shared. 

However, there are certain restrictions on explicit content on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Since it was a private matter, many people have criticized the spouse for disclosing this information, claiming that it should have been handled in a private setting instead.

Others have countered that there is nothing wrong with exposing something for what it is.

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