‘Same Aminu Tweeted Months Ago That Anybody That Supports Deborah Samuel Will Be Dealt With’ – Chuks Akunna

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In an interview with AIT during Kakaaki program, Chuks Akunna, Executive Director, Authority Newspaper, said that the same Aminu Mohammed that was arrested by Aisha Buhari tweeted two months ago that anybody that supports of Deborah Samuel will be dealt with.

The news of Aminu Mohammed, a student of Federal University, Dutse Jigawa, that was arrested by the wife of the president, Aisha Buhari over a tweet he made about her has been trending for a few days now.

However, Chuks Akunna, during the Newspaper review, reacted to the story when he said,

The same Aminu boy that is a victim today few months ago tweeted that whoever lifted his finger in support of Deborah Samuel will be dealt with in Bauchi and today he is a victim. Aminu was pro-government at the time now a victim.”

Chuks Akunna said he will assume he was a child when he made that tweet but concerning the First lady, he said why would the First Lady, “an office that does not exist in the first place, arrest him.”

Chuks Akunna said this is the same woman when Abba kyari was alive would be crying on social media and played victim and people bought that and said they have seen who to call mother but. He then said that he sees nothing wrong with what the boy wrote.

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