Soludo Is Not Speaking For APGA When He Said Peter Obi Cannot Win The Election – APGA Chairman

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The Governor of Anambra state, Professor Charles Soludo has caused upheaval with some of the statements in the last couple of weeks. The Governor who penned down an article titled, ‘History beckons on us and I will not be silent.’ In that document, Soludo alleged that Peter Obi cannot win against the PDP and the APC in the General election. 

The National Chairman of APGA, Njoku Edozie has come out to address this issue by stating that Soludo is not speaking for the party and that his words are a disrespect to them as well. According to him, every party has the right to express his ambition in their election. He also added that APGA is disassociating itself from that rude comment. 

He said;

”It is not only PDP and APC that are in the Presidential race. There is APGA and the rest. When we sort ourselves out, we will know what we want to do within the party. You don’t go out and tell us that PDP and APC will rather win. Soludo is not speaking for APGA when he said Peter Obi cannot win the election, he’s speaking as the governor of Anambra state. I have nothing against him, I’m not after his seat but the truth must be said.”

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