Sophia Momodu Files 102-Paragraph Counter Affidavit To Contest Davido’s Joint Custody Request

Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama of Afrobeats star, David Adeleke, better known as Davido, has officially responded to the custody lawsuit filed by the Nigerian musician regarding their daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke.

Her legal team, comprising Anthony Idigbe SAN of Punuka Attorney and Dr. Bimpe Ajegbomogun, submitted a detailed 102-paragraph counter affidavit.

NATURENEX recalls that Davido recently initiated a legal suit aiming for custody of their daughter.

The case, identified as LD/1587PMC/2024, lists Mr. David Adedeji Adeleke as the applicant and Ms. Sophia Momodu as the sole respondent, marking the onset of their legal dispute over Imade’s custody.

Davido is seeking a court order for joint custody and unrestricted access to his daughter. He claims that despite fulfilling his financial responsibilities towards Imade, Sophia has been making unreasonable demands aimed at harassing and frustrating him.

Davido’s goal is to maintain an active role in his daughter’s life through joint custody and unfettered access.

Conversely, Momodu’s legal team refuted these claims, asserting that it is Davido who has chosen not to see their daughter since July 2022.

Momodu states that she has solely borne the responsibility for their daughter over the past two years, while Davido misleadingly portrays himself on social media as a supportive and active father.

The next court hearing is scheduled for Friday, July 5 (today).

As this high-profile case progresses, it promises to illuminate the challenges of co-parenting under public scrutiny and the intricacies of custody battles involving celebrities.

With both sides presenting sharply contrasting stories, the court’s ruling will be closely watched by fans and observers alike.

It’s important to note that these allegations, as stated in the legal affidavits, have not yet been proven in court.

The hearing is ongoing in a Lagos high court, with the child’s well-being remaining the foremost concern throughout the proceedings.

[Full document to be included here]


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