Study: See the only country on earth that would survive a zombie apocalypse

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The zombie apocalypse is a fictional type in which civilization collapses due to a large number of zombies.

Usually only a few people or a small group of survivors are alive. In some versions, the reason why the deceased stood up and attacked is unknown, making the whole situation inexplicable.

In other versions, the cause is known to be a specific parasite or infection, and the event is classified as very plague-like. Some stories show that, regardless of the cause of death, all corpses are resurrected, while others require exposure to infectious agents. In any case, this will turn the outbreak into an exponentially increasing crisis: the spread of the “zombie plague” overwhelms police organizations, the military, and healthcare services, causing a terrible collapse of civil society until only isolated survivors are left.

Groups. Basic services such as tap water supply and power outages, mainstream media stop broadcasting, and national governments of affected countries collapse or hide. Survivors often start looking for food, weapons, and other supplies in a hostile, pre-industrial desert world. There is usually a “safe zone” where uninfected people can seek asylum and start a new era, usually in the hands of other survivors or the government.

What cities and countries can endure the hypothetical doomsday? Can the decisive Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un take the drastic actions necessary to save their citizens? Is the Eurasian steppe the safest place to hide from the army of wandering undead? Can governments around the world agree to pool resources in the name of greater interest?

The country best suited to survive a zombie apocalypse is actually North Korea. The countryis separated from China in the north with a wide border but this is quite mountainous in the northeast and full of rivers in the northwest

North Korea can act decisively, sealing its borders and hustling its people into mysterious bunkers. No country is better prepared to repel the infestation than North Korea.

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