“Take Care Of The Kids And Tell My Mum I’ll End My Life Soon” – Last Word Of A Prison Guard To His Wife Before Commit Suıcıde

At Kodiaga prison, a prison constable identified as Fred Oganyo took his own life on Wednesday night following a domestic dispute. The tragic event unfolded near the barrier gate where Oganyo was stationed with a colleague.

According to a statement from the Police, Oganyo used a G3 rifle to end his life. Reports indicated that the officer was intoxicated while on duty, adding a layer of complexity to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death.

Before the tragic act, Oganyo reportedly had a poignant exchange with his Wife. As she approached the barrier gate where he was stationed and asked for money to buy food, Oganyo revealed that he did not have the funds.

In his statement, he instructed his Wife to take care of their children and inform his mother that he would end his life soon.

A friend of Oganyo, who spoke on condition of anonymity, suggested that the officer was grappling with both work-related and family-related stress.

The friend disclosed that Oganyo had an outstanding loan, which contributed to his overwhelming stress.

Authorities from the local police station, crime investigators, and officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations visited the site to conduct inquiries.

The circumstances leading to Oganyo’s suicide are under investigation, and his body has been transferred to the hospital mortuary awaiting a postmortem examination.


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