Terrorist, Turji Asks Government Why They Didn’t Kill Him The Day They Killed His 12 Gang And Brother

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One of the most wanted terrorists in Nigeria, Bello Turji Kachalla, popularly known as Turji, has asked the government why they spared his life when they burnt down his house and killed his brothers and his gangs.

Turji is a popular terrorist who is known for terrorizing Zamfara, Sokoto and Niger states. He and his gang carried out the massacre in Zamfara that led to the death of over 200 people, both children and mothers. There was a time, on November 14, him and his other terrorist were declared wanted and 5 million awards were placed on anyone who was able to get them in Zamfara.

Speaking with one of the Hausa Vanguard newspapers reporter on a phone call, he revealed his bitterness towards the killing of his fellow territorist and his brothers, and also revealed how he felt about his house that were burnt down, he said that he had agreed for peace to reign before, but government wants to break the peace accord that was already existing between them and the people, he said he has agreed with government officials to stop banditry, but they came to his house to kill innocent people.

Turji said he wondered if the government truly wanted to kill him because he left the house a couple of minutes before his house was burnt down. He said he said, why didn’t the government kill him? If they could spot his house and kill everyone in it, they should have killed him too.

He said the people should know their enemy from the onset because the government is provoking them so that they will take revenge on the poor masses because they are benefitting from it. He said government fool the people by saying they want to end banditry, but are actually the architect of it all.

Turji added that peace is priceless, but. It’s as if the government is pushing him to be a warmonger, he is ready for either peace war or whatever the government wants. He said for 5 months now, there has been peace, but he felt betrayed on how the government sent people to attack his house and that of other people living close to him.

He as however demanded the government to pay him the sum of 20 million or face his wrath. What are your thoughts on this? 

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