Terrorists Strikes Katsina, Kills Traditional Leader Alongside Five Others

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Terrorists attacks the peaceful community of Yar Nasarawa in Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State, leaving behind a trail of destruction and loss. Six individuals, including the respected Ward Head, Haruna Wakili, perished in this brutal assault. Additionally, approximately 38 residents—including vulnerable women and children—were taken captive, ten suffered gunshot wounds, and numerous homes, businesses, and vehicles went up in flames.

Eye witnesses recount harrowing tales of senseless brutality inflicted by these assailants. One terrified villager described seeing innocent youngsters burned alive and helpless elders callously executed amidst blazing infernos created by the marauders.

Despite efforts made through army presence nearby, like the Army Super Camp located just kilometers away, the militants effectively evaded countermeasures and wreaked havoc undeterred

As families mourned loved ones laid to rest following the tragedy, despair echoed throughout the devastated region. Villagers expressed profound disappointment towards authorities tasked with protecting citizens, questioning if safety remains achievable given persistent threats posed by violent extremists

Police Spokesperson Abubakar-Sadik Aliyu acknowledged the tragic event yet offered little detail beyond confirming deployment of forces aimed at apprehending those responsible

Meanwhile, reports indicate previous operations conducted jointly involving law enforcement personnel alongside civilian volunteers resulted in casualties amongst suspected criminals

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