The country that has the biggest gender imbalance in the world

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) after much research was found to be one of the countries with the biggest gender imbalance across the world, for every 274 men we have 100 women.

In the year 2018, according to research made by Gender Inequality Index (GII), it was found out that the total population of the United Arab Emirate is about 6.3 million, women were found to be about 3.1 million, and men were found to be 3.2 million.

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This gender imbalance in the UAE can be attributed to different reasons and phenomena, which are; high male natality rate, low male mortality rate, and the high numbers of immigrants to the UAE, who are mostly males, and most available jobs are dominated by males.

This gender imbalance may also be caused by the low natality rate of females, and high mortality rate.

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