The President Of Nigeria Cannot Disappear Into Bermuda Triangle – Abati

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Concerns have been raised over the whereabouts of President Bola Tinubu, with Nigerians expressing unease and demanding transparency from the presidency.

The president’s absence has sparked speculation and questions from the public, particularly regarding his extended stay abroad following his attendance at the World Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia.

Reuben Abati, a political analyst on Arise TV, echoed the sentiments of many Nigerians, stressing the need for clarity regarding Tinubu’s location.

Speaking during Arise TV’s The Morning Show programme, Abati emphasised that the President of Nigeria cannot simply vanish, likening his absence to disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle.

He highlighted the importance of knowing the president’s whereabouts at all times, dismissing conflicting reports about Tinubu’s supposed locations in France or London as unacceptable.

Abati highlighted the lack of clear information from the presidency, which he argued only serves to fuel speculation and uncertainty among the populace.

The absence of both the President and Vice President simultaneously has further compounded concerns, with Abati describing the situation as “untidy.”

He expressed worry over the implications of having both top leaders out of the country, suggesting that it leaves citizens feeling like orphans, symbolising a void in leadership and governance.

Abati said, “The President of Nigeria cannot disappear into Bermuda Triangle. We must know where he is at any particular time.

“A source said that he’s in France, but what I read was that he is in London. We must have certainty about the location of the president.

“The President and the Vice President leaving the country at the same time is untidy. It makes us feel like orphans.”

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