There Is A Philosophy Why Obi And I Don’t Use Tinubu’s Health To Campaign Against Him – Yusuf Datti

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According to a news that was published by the Leadership Newspaper Online this morning, it was reported that the vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Senator Yusuf Dati Baba-Ahmed, has said that there is a reason why himself and his principal do not use Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s health condition against him, whenever they were campaigning.

While he was talking at a press conference in Abuja yesterday, Ahmed warned Tinubu to stop attacking himself and his principal verbally because, they also have what they can use to campaign against him verbally but, they have decided they won’t.

Why revealing reason why they don’t use Asiwaju’s health against him, Baba-Ahmed said that, “There is a philosophy why Obi and I do not use Tinubu’s health to campaign against him.”

Further talking, he said nobody has ever heard him speak about the health condition of Tinubu, or for that matter any other person.

He said, “We do not speak about their personal conditions or any God given talents because, there is a philosophy behind it. There is morality behind it. I personally believe that the health of anybody is bestowed by Almighty Allah.”

He said the health and strength of Peter Obi and himself are God-given and so, they really sympathize with Tinubu and they will not hold it against him.


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