“This Is So Hard To Watch” – Reactions Trails Video Of Herbert Wigwe’s Daughter Paying Tribute To Her Brother Chizi

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Herbert Wigwe’s daughter, Tochi, has paid passionate tribute to her late brother.

Herbert Wigwe, the former Group CEO of Access Holdings, his wife Chizoba, and their first son, Chizi, were killed in a helicopter crash on February 9, 2024.

The terrible demise shocked many Nigerians, with many wondering how the late banker’s remaining children would deal with such a huge loss.

In a recent incident, Herbert Wigwe’s daughter, Tochi, was photographed paying a heartfelt tribute to her late brother, Chizi, during an event organized for her late relatives.

In the video, Tochi walks on stage with several of her pals, and one of them reads her passionate dedication on her behalf.

Tochi highlighted in the message how close she is to her brother Chizi, whom she describes as her buddy and ATM card since he constantly takes care of her.

The young girl mentioned how hardworking and business-minded he was, and how many of their family members looked up to him.

Tochi could not hold back her emotions as her friend read the heartfelt tribute to the late Chizi on her behalf. Watch the video below.

The emotive show elicited a variety of emotions from internet users. Many of them expressed sympathy for the Wigwe family. Read a few of their remarks below:

cemebinah: “Good bless the loved ones left behind. This is touching, but God knows best. Tochi, stay strong for your siblings.”

_eeshahh: “This is so hard to watch .”

oyinsale: “So sad, may God see the remaining family members through this tragedy.”

eniahgrace_: “She’s strong I don’t think I’ll be able to say a word .”

Nifemi_xo: “may God give her strength overcome tragic incident and also help her to guide her siblings.”

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