“This One Is Threatening Me, Anything You Say About Ebuka Is Seen As Attack” – Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

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In a bold response to threats received for his critical comments on Ebuka Obi’s alleged fake miracles, Catholic Priest Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu addressed the issue head-on.

The priest revealed the challenges faced when discussing sensitive topics like the authenticity of miracles, especially when individuals idolize public figures like Ebuka.

Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu in his post expressed concern over the lack of open-mindedness among members of a prayer-centered ministry. He  emphasized on the need for a change in attitude rather than blind devotion.

However, Fr. Ugwu challenging the person that threatened on social media  to confront him in person rather than resorting to online intimidation.

His post reads;

“This one is threatening me. This is a supposed member of a ministry centered on prayers. They will never read your posts to understand because Ebuka has become their god. Anything you say about him is seen as an attack. Shame dey catch me on una behalf. I noticed that most of those attending Zion have this same attitude. You don’t need prophecy, what you people need is a change of attitude because it smells like a rotten egg. Stop the threat behind your keyboard, come to my parish and carry out your intention. From where you claimed you are to where I am, you won’t spend more than 50 Dalasi. If you spend more than that, I will refund you.”

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