Tinubu, APC Have Plunged Nigerians Into Suffering – Edo Govt

The Edo State Government has voiced significant concerns regarding the current socio-economic state of the nation under the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

In a recent address, Hon. Chris Nehikhare, the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, outlined the challenges faced by Edo residents and Nigerians at large, despite state-led interventions.

He stated that the Edo State Government has implemented several initiatives to alleviate the hardships faced by its citizens.

Despite these measures, Nehikhare emphasized that Edo residents continue to suffer due to what he described as the “gross mismanagement of the economy” by the APC government over the past nine years.

Criticism of Federal Policies

Nehikhare specifically criticized the federal government’s abrupt removal of fuel subsidies on May 29, 2023, which he claims plunged the economy into disarray and heightened the risk of starvation among citizens.

Additionally, he highlighted the negative impact of the policy to unify the exchange rate, which he argues has devalued the currency, spiked inflation, and stifled business growth through increased taxation and burdensome regulations.

Rising Insecurity

He also touched on the escalating security concerns, noting a resurgence in terrorist activities, including suicide bombings.

Nehikhare attributed these issues to the APC’s failure to effectively manage national security.

Political Landscape in Edo State

Nehikhare accused the APC in Edo State of being disconnected from the prevailing hardships.

He criticized the party for allegedly spreading misinformation and engaging in propaganda, including baseless fraud allegations against the state government.

The Commissioner also took aim at the APC’s gubernatorial candidate, Monday Okpebholo, questioning his literacy and ability to articulate a clear vision for Edo State.

The governorship election in Edo State is around the corner and just the way they fooled the entire nation into bondage, they are hoping to replicate the same in Edo State, parading a hardly literate candidate, who finds it difficult expressing himself in public fora and without the verve to share his vision for the people.

“But you, our Edo people are wiser than that. We know who our friends are and who are oppressors are and cannot submit ourselves to them again to inflict the pains and sufferings of these last few years on our people the second time.

“Our people are determined to break from this bondage come September 21, 2024 by sustaining the leadership of the PDP at the State level. They know that the PDP is the best choice for the continued progress and prosperity of the State and will not allow lies and propaganda by their oppressors to cloud their judgment and stop them from making informed decisions for a better future for themselves and their unborn children,” he said.

With the governorship election in Edo State scheduled for September 21, 2024, Nehikhare expressed confidence in the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) continued leadership.

He urged Edo residents to reject the APC’s tactics and support the PDP for the state’s progress and prosperity.

“Come September 21, it is PDP or nothing, and there is nothing the APC can do about it,” Nehikhare declared, reflecting the government’s resolve to maintain its leadership in Edo State.


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