“Make God Not Punish You”: Tinubu Backfired Over Attempt To Inspire Nigerian Youths

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President Bola Tinubu’s attempt to inspire Nigerian youths has backfired as his message was met with criticism due to the country’s growing economic challenges.

In his message to Nigerian youths on social media, Tinubu wrote, “Dear Nigerian Youth, Do not relent in your pursuit. You too can be our heroes of tomorrow,” he said.

“To our cherished Nigerian youths showcasing their talents in communities across the country, playing football on their local grounds, you too can be our heroes tomorrow.

“Don’t relent in your pursuit. My administration is committed to making dreams come true,” he added.

Tinubu’s call for the youths to persevere and become the “heroes of tomorrow” was not well-received.

Many Nigerians reacted, expressed their frustration over the prevailing hardships.

Jude Ukaigwe, one of the disillusioned youths, expressed the widespread sentiment.

He wrote, “Dear City Boy, we do not want motivational speeches; we are tired of words. The people are suffering; a bag of rice is now 80k, fuel is over 700, and naira is almost 1500/$.

“You spend all your money on frivolous things; the National Assembly take-home salary is over $30 million monthly. We can’t keep living on motivation; our people need actual economic prosperity. Get useful, sir. Make God not go punish you.”

The concerns raised by the youths centered on the soaring cost of living, including the exorbitant prices of essential commodities like rice and fuel, as well as the depreciation of the national currency.

Ejalonibu Abdulah called on Tinubu to act urgently to address the escalating food prices and implement short-term solutions.

The prevailing economic strain was further emphasized by Paul Ozma, who highlighted the significant inflation and the addition of extra zeros to various price tags.

Tinubu, who assumed the presidency in February 2023, has faced mounting criticism for failing to steer Nigeria in the right direction, with inflation reaching 28.2 percent in November 2023.

The country has also grappled with increasing insecurity, including kidnapping and conflicts between herders and farmers

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