Tinubu: “I Do Not Want ‘Agbero’ Culture To Become Federalized” – Dele Farotimi

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A chieftain of the LP, Dele Farotimi, has reviewed the legacy of the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, in Lagos State. Speaking on AIT News, Farotimi addressed some of the challenges that may be bedeviling the state despite Tinubu’s political influence.

Addressing the topic, Farotimi said, “The campaign is about what you will do for Nigerians and not for a particular ethnic group.”

The programs of the LP are similar to those of the Action Group, from whom we take our source. Records also matter. The person who intends to govern Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, has served Lagos State meritoriously.

He served as governor for 8 years, and he has since wielded significant political influence over successive governments in the state.

He continued, “Considering Tinubu’s years of political influence in a state like Lagos, I reviewed the healthcare sector of the state, and I do not see anything that deserves his promotion to the national level.”

I wonder how many schools Tinubu built in the course of his political influence in Lagos State. I will review other sectors, like road infrastructure, agriculture, and water transportation.

Yes, they may put on a show, but I wonder how it has impacted the lives of the people. The drainage system in the state and financial transparency are also vital. I do not want to see a normalization of criminality. I do not want the “agbero” culture to become federalized. Agberos are often seen extorting people in Lagos. I wonder if this is how he plans to govern Nigeria.

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