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Top Best iPhone Security Apps

iPhones, known for their robust security features, still require additional layers of protection to safeguard against potential threats. Whether it’s the fear of a lost or stolen device, concerns about privacy breaches, or the need to shield sensitive information from prying eyes, the right security apps can provide a shield of defense. This comprehensive guide explores some of the best iPhone security apps, ranging from antivirus and VPN solutions to password managers, offering a well-rounded approach to fortifying your iOS device.

The Best iPhone Security Apps

In an era where our iPhones are integral to our lives, safeguarding them is not just for the privacy-conscious. From the fear of losing or having our iPhones stolen to the discomfort of prying eyes on private photos, the best iPhone security apps are here to provide robust protection. This guide simplifies the process, offering the ultimate arsenal to fortify your iPhone or iPad.

AVG Mobile Security And Photo Vault

When it comes to free iPhone security apps, AVG Mobile Security takes center stage. Focused on privacy, its key features include robust password protection, a secure photo vault, and Wi-Fi security. Unsecured Wi-Fi connections are potential threats, but AVG Mobile Security deploys powerful detection technology to ensure every network is safe for use. Connect confidently to public Wi-Fi without fearing DNS hijacking or weak router issues. The app also shines as the best vault app for iPhone, allowing you to lock away 40 private pictures, with unlimited capacity in the Pro version. The password breach feature adds an extra layer of security, alerting you if your email password is ever compromised.


MobiShield is another gem among iOS security apps. Its scanning feature conducts a thorough system check to identify potential privacy breaches. Wondering if your iPhone has been jailbroken or if risky software has found its way onto your device? MobiShield provides answers, ensuring you stay informed about the security status of your device. Additionally, MobiShield offers a security vault to encrypt photos, videos, and files, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Most Secure iPhone Password


An auto-pilot for passwords, stands out as a robust hacker-protection app. With three storage categories covering websites, form fills, and secure notes, it streamlines your online activities while keeping your data secure. While the free version remains available, the 2020 acquisition nudged users toward a premium offering for access across multiple devices.


Lives up to its name by simplifying password management. Saving an unlimited number of passwords, it goes beyond and securely stores credit card details and addresses. Touch or FaceID adds a convenient layer of access control, making it a top choice for safeguarding sensitive information.


A free and open-source password management app, provides unlimited password storage synced across all your devices. With options to store passwords in the cloud or locally, its open-source nature allows users to inspect for security holes, which ensures transparency in its functionality.

Protection of Your Digital Footprint

Premier privacy tools, such as secure browsers and VPNs (virtual private networks), have become the gold standard for ensuring complete freedom and privacy when traversing the wild web, unblocking websites, accessing global content, and engaging in online shopping.

Top Secure Browsers for iPhone

The best secure browser for iPad and iPhone goes beyond a mere interface. It incorporates features like anti-phishing detection, anti-tracking protection, and enforced HTTPS encryption. Here are three standout options:

1. Avast Secure Browser

Known for its focus on hacker prevention and data encryption, Avast Secure Browser is an intuitive choice for secure browsing on iPad and iPhone. Features like ad blocking, VPN integration, and tracker blocking enhance your online safety. The encryption extends to protect your browsing data, bookmarks, downloads, IP address, and DNS queries.

2. Onion Browser

Positioned as the original free and open-source Tor-powered web browser, Onion Browser excels in providing secure and anonymous web surfing. Its functionality includes automatically clearing cookies and closing tabs upon exit, ensuring a protective shield, especially on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

Top VPNs For iPhone

VPNs create digital tunnels, shielding your online activities from prying eyes. Here are two top-notch VPNs tailored for iOS:

1. AVG Secure VPN: Designed specifically for iOS, AVG Secure VPN offers a user-friendly interface with aesthetic appeal. Effortlessly access the internet, stream content, and maintain privacy across your devices. With military-grade encryption, it can protect up to 10 devices simultaneously, offering comprehensive security for your home computer, iPad, iPhone, and laptop.

2. Avast SecureLine VPN: Promising a large server coverage network, Avast SecureLine VPN provides a fast and simple solution for iPhone users. Apple-approved for optimal compatibility and performance, it prevents third parties from tracking your online activities, ensuring a secure experience even when accessing potentially unsafe websites.

Integrate Tools for Holistic Protection

While secure browsers and VPNs are essential components, a holistic approach to iPhone security involves combining these tools with an all-encompassing security app:

  • AVG Mobile Security: Beyond the threat of typical mobile viruses and malware, AVG Mobile Security offers a multifaceted defense. It automatically checks Wi-Fi connections, monitors for password leaks 24/7, and provides a secure photo vault to safeguard precious moments. It serves as the cornerstone for a secure digital experience on iOS devices.

Top Anti-Theft Apps

Balancing cybersecurity and physical security is key, as anti-theft apps provide a crucial layer of defense. Paired with essential iPhone security tips, these apps ensure comprehensive protection.

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone stands as a beacon for those prone to misplacing their devices or falling victim to theft. This mobile security app diligently tracks your iPhone’s location, offering remote capabilities to lock the device and erase all data if theft is suspected. Even within the confines of your home, a loud sound can be triggered, aiding in locating your phone even when it’s on silent.

2. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout goes beyond mere location tracking. This top-tier security app not only backs up your personal data but also provides insights into your phone’s last-known location before the battery drains. If your device is close but out of power, Lookout assists in the retrieval. In case of theft, it ensures a sense of security by wiping data clean and securing personal photos.

Top AppLocks for iPhone

To ensure that your apps remain under a digital lock and key adds an extra layer of protection. These applocks go beyond mere hiding, offering features like two-factor authentication, stealthy protection, and secure note storage.

1. Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile elevates iOS security with its intelligent two-factor authentication. Employing a zero-trust approach, it implements granular and contextual access policies, minimizing information exposure. Ideal for corporations with high-risk data vulnerabilities, Duo Mobile provides robust protection for your sensitive information.

2. Locker

Locker takes applocking to a new level with stealth features. By utilizing FaceID, this app ensures that only authorized individuals can access your most crucial apps. Whether hiding specific photos, videos, or entire apps, Locker goes the extra mile by allowing you to customize its icon, camouflaging it as a calculator or calendar app.

3. Note Lock

With Note Lock, your private notes find a secure home on your iPhone. This app offers a personal diary protected by passcode and pattern locks, cleverly hidden in plain sight. In case of unauthorized access attempts, Note Lock records the time, date, and even captures a photo of the intruder. Style meets security in this private notes iPhone app.

Top iPhone Messaging Encryption Apps

When it comes to securing your personal information from prying eyes, the best iPhone messaging encryption apps go beyond the basics. With end-to-end encryption, these apps ensure that your messages remain exclusively between you and your intended recipient, keeping hackers, ISPs, and even government agencies at bay.


Signal stands tall as a messaging encryption app that prioritizes privacy. With end-to-end encryption, your messages are shielded from any unwanted surveillance, offering a secure platform for personal conversations. Signal’s commitment to user privacy has earned it a reputation as one of the most reliable encrypted messaging apps.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me takes messaging security seriously. Implementing end-to-end encryption, it ensures that your messages are for your eyes only. What sets Wickr Me apart is its message shredding feature, allowing you to set a timer for your messages to self-destruct, leaving no trace behind.


 With Dust, your messages vanish into thin air. This messaging encryption app provides end-to-end encryption and takes privacy a step further by making messages disappear after they’ve been read. It’s an ideal choice for those who value not only security but also the ephemeral nature of their conversation

Best Antivirus And Malware Apps

To ensure that your fortress stays impervious requires additional measures. These iOS security apps provide an extra layer of protection to keep your device secure from potential threats, even if the likelihood of viruses is minimal.

1. AVG Mobile Security and Photo Vault:

AVG Mobile Security excels in safeguarding your iPhone’s privacy. Focusing on password protection, photo vault security, and Wi-Fi network safety, AVG ensures your personal space is impenetrable. Detecting potential threats in networks, it allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi with confidence, while the photo vault secures your private pictures.

2. MobiShield

MobiShield takes iOS security seriously with its comprehensive scanning feature. This app not only identifies potential privacy breaches but also alerts you if your iPhone has been jailbroken or risky software has been installed. MobiShield’s security vault adds an extra layer of protection by encrypting photos, videos, and files beyond the reach of typical file-finder apps.

Top Password Managers For iPhone

Securing your iPhone goes beyond the swipe of a finger or a simple PIN. In the realm of complex passwords and heightened security, these password manager apps stand out as guardians of your digital kingdom that ensure your sensitive information remains impenetrable.

1. LastPass

LastPass takes the helm as your auto-pilot for passwords. With three storage categories covering websites, form fills, and secure notes, it streamlines your digital life. Even in online shopping, LastPass shines by prefilling checkout forms, maintaining a fortress around your passwords and data. While the free version has limitations across devices, its simplicity and security make it a standout choice.

2. 1Password

1Password lives up to its name by simplifying your multitude of passwords. Beyond securing unlimited passwords, it extends its protection to credit card details and addresses. The inclusion of Touch and Face ID enhances user experience, and the option to mark passwords as favorites adds a personalized touch. Guarding against hackers, 1Password emerges as a robust defender of sensitive information.

3. Bitwarden

 Bitwarden stands as a free and open-source password management app, offering limitless password storage synced across all your devices. With accessibility through standalone apps, browser extensions, or their website, Bitwarden provides flexibility. The open-source nature allows scrutiny for security holes, ensuring your passwords remain locked securely, be it in the cloud or locally on your device.

Top Best Browsers And VPNs For iPhone Security

When it comes to fortifying your iPhone’s privacy in the vast realm of the internet, secure browsers and VPNs emerge as the gold standard. Here’s a curated selection that not only offers freedom in your online endeavors but also shields your digital footprint with military-grade encryption and robust features.

AVG Secure VPN

AVG Secure VPN stands out as the epitome of ease and aesthetics in the VPN realm. With access to over 50 secure locations, it ensures your internet escapades remain clandestine. Boasting military-grade encryption, it extends its protective embrace to up to 10 devices simultaneously. Whether on your home computer, iPad, iPhone, or laptop, AVG Secure VPN seamlessly facilitates content streaming while upholding your privacy.

Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN is a swift and uncomplicated solution for iPhone security. With a vast server coverage network, it keeps your iPhone shielded when accessing apps and potentially risky websites. Apple-approved for compatibility and performance, this VPN from Avast provides unlimited usage, empowering you to navigate the online world without compromising your digital safety.

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser* emerges as a robust defender against online threats. Prioritizing hacker prevention and data encryption, it offers an intuitive features page for seamless customization. From ad blockers to VPN integration and tracker blockers, this browser ensures your browsing data, bookmarks, downloads, IP address, and DNS queries remain impervious to prying eyes. Ideal for online shopping, banking, or simple browsing, it’s a stronghold against leaving a trail of data behind.

Onion Browser

Onion Browser takes pride in being the original free and open-source Tor-powered web browser. Offering secure and anonymous web surfing, it diligently clears cookies and closes tabs upon exit, depending on your preferences. Particularly effective on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, Onion Browser adds an extra layer of protection to your iPhone.


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