Twitter Under Attack After Controversial Verification Of ‘Jesus Christ’

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Twitter has elicited mixed reactions among its users after verifying one of its accounts allegedly belonging to the biblical Jesus Christ.

From pictures shared online, Twitter had already given the blue tick to the account allegedly belonging to Christ, something that sparked a heated debate online on the eligibility and circumstances under which the controversial account was approved.

The account, which has about with hundred thousand followers became the center of attraction, with international media stations led by US’s CNN weighing in on the same.

This raised the question of how Twitter, which has promised to delete all fake accounts, went ahead and approved such a controversial and fake account.

The verification put on the spot the new Twitter boss Elon Musk, with most users claiming that things are getting a bit confusing at Twitter under the new boss.

And shortly after issues were raised, the account came out to claim that indeed it was being run by Jesus and that it should not be doubted.

The debate was also extended to Kenya, where most of its population 80% are followers of Jesus Christ.

“Show us your palms bro. And I got a tank full of water you might want to repeat that thing you did in Galilee,” joked one user

Here are some of the reactions;

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