Unless I’m Not God-Sent, Anyone Who Misquotes Me Will Not See The End Of This Year – Pastor Ibiyeomie [VIDEO]

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Pastor Ibiyeomie, in a recent Facebook video, stated that the role of Christians is to act as ambassadors of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to effectively market the message for soul-winning in their communities and workplaces.

He emphasized that believers have a responsibility to actively promote the Gospel for soul-winning and conversion.

The pastor made it clear that his directive was focused on marketing the Gospel itself, not the church. He issued a stern warning against misquoting him. He stated that any misrepresentation of his words would lead to severe consequences. Pastor Ibiyeomie firmly stated that he would not hesitate to curse those who distort his teachings and even their future generations.

According to him, “As Christian servants of God, we are meant to market the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that souls Within our neighborhood and in our places of work can be converted. Social media listen to me; I never said to market church, if you misquote me as I’m talking now, except God did not call me, if you see the end of this year, I’m not sent. Don’t misquote me because I will curse you and curse your generation. I’m not that kind of Pastor that will leave you, I will arrest you. Even if you hide under disguise I will find you out.”

Watch the video here.

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