US Breaks Silence Over The Death Of Iranian President

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The White House said on Monday that the late Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi had a “lot of blood on his hands”. Washington said this despite the fact that the United States President Joe Biden’s administration joined the rest of the world to offer condolences after his death in a helicopter crash.

Addressing reporters, the National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby said, “This was a man who had a lot of blood on his hands.”  Kirby added that Raisi was responsible for “atrocious” rights abuses in Iran and had supported regional proxies including Hamas.

He added, however, that “as in any other case, we certainly regret in general the loss of life and offered official condolences as appropriate.” Iran has declared a five-day mourning after he died in a helicopter crash carrying him and other officials in a mountainous and forested area of the country in poor weather.

The 63-year-old, a figure representing conservative and hard-line factions in Iranian politics, was president for nearly three years, and appeared on track to run for re-election next year.

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