US Government Announces $5,000,000 Reward To Anyone With Information On This War Lord

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The United States Government through its War Crime Reward program department has announced a whooping five million dollars ( $5,000,000 ) reward to anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of Joseph Kony.

Through its social media platforms, the department announced that Joseph Kony, a Ugandan national believed to be hiding inside/within East African Community countries is wanted by the International Court of Justice ( ICJ ) formerly known as the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) for crimes against humanity, forcing children to join his army, torture and overseeing several massacres.

Joseph Kony is the founder of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Christian fundamentalist organization which has been designated as a terrorist group by the United Nations Peacekeepers, the European Union and several other governments.

Kony who unsuccessfully tried to overthrow president Miseveni’s government is accused of recruiting 66,000 children into his army and the movement is said to have killed close to 100,000 people. He has been on the run for the past 15 years and is believed to be hiding within East Africa.


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