US President, Biden Takes Surprising Step After Son’s Conviction

US President, Joe Biden announced at a G7 summit press conference in Italy on Thursday that he will not pardon his son, Hunter Biden, following his recent conviction on federal gun charges.

The President emphasized that he would respect the judicial process and not interfere in the legal consequences facing his son.

Hunter Biden, 54, was convicted earlier this week on three felony counts related to his acquisition of a handgun in 2018 during a period when he was battling crack cocaine addiction.

Despite potential sentencing guidelines that could see him facing up to 25 years, the likelihood of jail time is slim, given his status as a first-time offender.

President Biden expressed his personal feelings towards his son, noting his pride in Hunter’s battle with addiction and describing him as one of the “brightest, most decent men” he knows.

However, he firmly stated, “I said I’d abide by the jury decision. I will do that. I will not pardon him,” reinforcing his commitment to uphold the integrity of the judicial process.

The verdict adds a layer of complexity to President Biden’s ongoing re-election campaign, particularly as it coincides with legal troubles faced by his political rival, Donald Trump.

Trump was recently convicted of election law violations related to hush money payments, marking him as the first former president to be convicted of a felony.


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