[VIDEO]: A Cult Leader Who Calls Himself Jesus Christ And Has Chosen 12 Disciples To Walk With Him

A man who calls himself Mwalimu Yesu From Western Kenya has revealed that he is the Jesus in that area and has 12 disciples to walk the journey with him.

He said that he was sent to the world by God and he talks to God directly. He started a church where they enter without shoes saying that shoes are a sign of uncleanness. One of the church members told Aframax English that they believe that the man is their messiah.

According to her, they worship him kneeling and he performs miracles for them by healing the sick. Although the man is married unlike Jesus in the bible he believes that he is Jesus.

According to him, he has traveled all over Africa performing miracles by healing the sick. People are happy when they see their own Jesus from their continent he added. One of his disciples said that she saw a vision 5 years ago about a media house from Rwanda visiting them.

According to her she wrote it in a book and claimed that it came to pass after Aframax visited them to cover the story of the cult leader who refers to himself as Jesus. She said that God speaks to them.


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