[VIDEO]: An Igbo Man Said The Igbo Presidency Is Not Viable, Not Knowing His People Died In Civil War – Rufai

Nigerian journalist and presenter, Oseni Rufai, while speaking on Arise TV, reacted to the statement made by the governor of Imo State, who advised the South East to forget the presidency in 2023, saying it would produce a president of Nigeria the day they found peace with the country or became the economic and technological giant of the country, which would make it an irresistible option.

Oseni Rufai stated that he must be reminded that some of his kinsmen died during the civil war. He added that the Nigerian presidency is not meant for a particular region but for anyone who is qualified to contest.

According to him;

For the Igbo man who said the Igbo presidency is not tenable, we should also remind him that some of his kinsmen died in the civil war. “And if he says his kinsmen who died have no right to the presidency, then he is saying that those who died in the civil war probably died in vain.”

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