Video Claiming Hushpuppi’s Release From US Prison Fact-checked

Rammon Abbas, popularly referred to as Hushpuppi, was sentenced in 2022 to 11 years in prison in Los Angeles in the United States (US). He was sentenced for money laundering worth millions of dollars.

On Saturday, June 8, an X user, Babygirl4life (@praiseoghre), claimed that the socialite had been released from the US prison, attaching a video to justify the claim.

The post was captioned:

“Hushpuppi’s been released from jail. Let’s hope he has learnt from his mistakes.”

Video of Hushpuppi’s birthday in Cyprus

In the video, Hushpuppi was seen exchanging pleasantries with some people who appeared to be friends and acquaintances.

Some Nigerians who commented on the video expressed the optimism that he had repented.

A check of the video by Dubara on Google Reverse Image by Dubara, a fact-checking organisation, showed that a similar video was posted on YouTube in 2017.

It was observed that iLITE TV posted the video. The caption of the video on YouTube captured the activities in the clip as it narrated that it was connected to the birthday party of Hushpuppi held in Cyprus.


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