Video: Do This If You Want To Get Your Canada Study Visa Approved At Once

Gloria, a Canada-based individual, shares valuable insights on securing a Canada study visa approval, emphasizing the crucial role of a well-crafted Statement of Purpose (SOP).

In a TikTok video, Gloria highlights the rejection of study permit applications due to poorly written SOPs and warns against using generic, copy-and-paste statements.

To shed light on the matter, travel expert Okudayo Sokunbi stresses the significance of including key elements in the SOP, such as the purpose of application, career prospects, proof of funds, familial ties, and the relevance of the chosen course to one’s career back home.

Okudayo Sokunbi, a travel expert at Japa Consults, said there are some important things one must include in their SOP for a study permit application. His words: “These include why they are applying, career prospect, proof of funds with explanation, home ties (family, shares, lanes properties, etc) and ow the course is important to their career back at home.”

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