VIDEO: Drama At Wedding As Groom Refuses To Kiss Bride

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A viral video circulating online has depicted the moment during a wedding where the groom declined to kiss his bride.

“Groom embarrassed the bride by refusing to kiss her, during kissing time mu church,” the video shared by Zambia News Yathu Media was captioned.

In the clip, the bride was on her knees and tried to kiss the groom but he dodged her. A man in the background directed her to try again but she was still unsuccessful.

This sent the guests into a frenzy as people laughed at the groom. The bride appeared amused but remained on her knees.

Apparently, the groom was too shy to comply with the act.

There have several comments about the video on the internet.

Somiah Ng’andu Music Ministry said: “His erects so easily so he was afraid the game would have begun just in the presence of everyone.”

Yvonne Chibwe said: “He’s very shy.”

Morris Mans said: “Such a shy Guy, looks like it took someone to propose the bride for him coz he can’t do it whether hard or soft .”

Sharon Musonda Mutale said: “Just leave him let’s see when you guys get home do the same you see who will cry last.”

Violet Mainza said: “She should have known him well. He seems a little shy.”

Tumelo Lubinda said: “I guess he was like mmmmm behave you can’t see pipo.”

Prince Chika SC said: “Forgive them man, he knows his weaknesses, he didn’t want to embarrass himself.”

Chileshe Namwayi Ng’ambi said: “I’ll still love him, but I would make sure he doesn’t forget.”


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