VIDEO: EFCC Boss Makes Tough Revelation About Yahaya Bello

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Ola Olukoyede, the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has called on Nigerians to apply more reasoning in investigating the anti-graft agency against the former governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello.

The EFCC boss said he had honoured the former governor, saying that he called Bello on the phone to assure him that he would not be harassed and that he should present himself for questioning at the office of the agency.

He said he offered to host Yahaya Bello in his personal office to answer the question, and it would not be public, but the governor said the EFCC operatives should come and interrogate him in his village.

Olukoyode disclosed that Yahaya Bello withdrew $720,000 from the state government coffer to make advance payment for his child’s school fees. READ ALSO “We are law abiders”:

EFCC denies disobeying court order in Yahaya Bello case The EFCC boss said:

“A certain governor, because he knows he is going, moved money directly from the government to Bureau de Change and used it to pay the child’s school fees in advance. “In dollars.

Over $720,000 in advance, in anticipation that he was going to leave the government house in a poor state like Kogi, and you want me to close my eyes to that under the guise of saying I have been used, used by whom at this stage of my life.

“I assumed office here, I didn’t initiate the case, I inherited the case file, I called for the case file, I called for the report, and I said look, there are issues here.

“I put a call across to him, which I am ordinarily not supposed to do, just to honour him as an immediate past governor, but he said, ‘Can’t they come to my village?’

See the video here:

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