[VIDEO]: Fake New Naira In Circulation, See The Difference

Already, the redesigned Naira Notes that recently entered into circulation have been faked and are now spreading across Nigeria.

A businessman (name withheld) shared a clip of his wife’s experience in the hands of fake money peddlers who came to her Point of Sale, P.O.S stand to deposit cash.

He sampled Two 0ne-One Thousand Naira Notes and revealed details of how the fake currency differs from the original one.

He pointed out the golden stamp on the original redesigned naira notes, while also identifying that there was no stamp on the fake one.

In the video on Twitter, the businessman said, “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, fake money is in town now. People should be very careful.

“…My wife is doing P.O.S business, and somebody gave her this money, and we don’t know who gave it to her…we later discovered that the money is fake…” He added.

Customers have been warned about the bad guys in town circulating counterfeit money.

By Amadin


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