[VIDEO]: How I Ended War Between Nkomo And Mugabe With Two Loaded Pistols – Obasanjo

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The former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has disclosed that he played a major role in stoping the war in Zimbabwe some few years ago. Obasanjo revealed that at some point when the war lingered on, he called the two leaders who headed the two factions that participated in the war, Mugabe and Nkomo, and asked them to stop the war.

According to Obasanjo, he managed to convince Nkomo and Mugabe to stop the war with the help of two loaded pistols. Obasanjo explained that for long, he tried to have a meeting with Mugabe and Nkomo together. However, anytime Nkomo cane for a meeting, Mugabe will not show up and anytime Mugabe came, Nkomo will not be available.

Obasanjo disclosed that one day, Nkomo and Mugabe were both present in a meeting. Obasanjo stated that he brought out two pistols and loaded them. He disclosed that he ensured that Nkomo and Mugabe saw that the guns were loaded. Obasanjo stated that he told Nkomo and Mugabe to pick up the guns and shot themselves.

Obasanjo said that he told Nkomo and Mugabe that whomsoever dies after the gun fight will be buried and the survivor will go back home and end the war. Obasanjo went on to say that Nkomo was surprised with the type of solution he brought. Obasanjo said that Nkomo told him that he was a man that proffers a unique solution to a unique problem. After the meeting, Nkomo and Mugabe went back home and formed patriotic front which brought the war to an end.

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