VIDEO: How My Dad Slaughtered My Mom’s Neck With A Knife For Money Ritual – Actress Fagbemi

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An upcoming Yoruba movie actress and entrepreneur, Toluwanimi Fagbemi, has narrated her true life story about what her father did to her late mother that led to her death, while also stating some of the struggles she went through in her family.

In a video that was posted on the official Instagram page of Talk To B5000, during an interview with Biola Adebayo, she made it known that her father used a knife to slaughter her mother in the neck and used her for money rituals.

In her statement, she said, “Anytime that my mom and my dad engage in an argument, he always tells her he will kill her one day.

“One day my dad moved towards me and waved his hand towards my face to see if I was sleeping, but I was sleeping, and he did the same with my mom.

“My dad used a knife to slaughter my mom’s neck, and he used her for money rituals.

“He did it in my presence and collected her blood inside a pot, so I wanted to move but I couldn’t move, and I wanted to talk but I couldn’t talk.”

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