[VIDEO]: ‘I Fought For Biafra, Your Only Contribution To Igbos Is Kissing Women In Movies’ – Dan Ulasi Tells Okonkwo

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Dan Ulasi, the Southeast coordinator of the PDP presidential campaign council, has criticized Kenneth Okonkwo, the spokesperson for Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate. Recall that Kenneth Okonkwo recently charged Ulasi with betraying his people by supporting Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate.

In response, Ulasi labeled Okonkwo’s accusations as unjustified and without foundation. He vowed to take the Labour Party spokesman to court if they crossed paths over his characterization of the PDP candidate as a thief. According to Ulasi, Kenneth Okonkwo has only contributed acting and kissing ladies in movies to the advancement of the Igbo people. 

In contrast to Okonkwo and his parents, Ulasi said that he fought for Biafra in the Nigerian civil war.

I frequently ask Kenneth’s Okonkwo, “Apart from kissing women in movies, what is your contribution to the Igbo people at your age? ” whenever I encounter him. I am fighting for Biafra. He came to call me a bootlegger and I only have one hand that I can’t use, he added. Did his parents argue if he didn’t fight? He added.

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