VIDEO: Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi Spotted At Shiloh 2022

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It’s no longer news that the 2023 presidential election is fast approaching and some interesting things have been happening ahead of that. Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi has been accused severally for attending different series of public gatherings with the allegation that he wasn’t even invited to some of these public gatherings but it’s quite surprising that the organizer of these gatherings are the one who always introduce him to the crowd.

The same thing applies to Peter Obi was spotted at the ongoing annual prophetic gathering that’s famously known as Shiloh. This program started a few hours ago and Peter Obi has already made his grand appearance. He was introduced to the crowd as expected, he stood up to wave to the crowd and it’s not a surprise that there are joyful cheers from the crowd.

Peter Obi seems to enjoy every bit of his outings since he started campaigning and this is still one of the reasons why there will always be one or two things to say about him.

What are your thoughts about this do you agree that there is nothing wrong with what Peter Obi is doing and do you think he won’t stop if he, fortunately, becomes Nigeria’s president in 2023?

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