VIDEO: Lady Who Revealed Sleeping With Two Dogs For Satisfaction Commits Suicide

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A Lady who recently opened up about her distressing experiences of childhood abuse and subsequent addiction to dogs for s*xual gratification has reportedly committed su-icide.

Her tragic story, shared during a podcast interview, Talk To B, sheds light on the devastating impacts of unresolved trauma and the critical need for mental health support.

The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, recounted a series of traumatic events beginning at the age of five when she was first defiled by her uncle.

During the podcast, she described how her brother would call her into a room, cover her mouth with one hand, and use the other hand on her private parts.

This abuse escalated to the use of his manhood, accompanied by threats to ensure her silence.

“At times when I told him I wanted to use the toilet, he would instruct me to go and come back, and I must not tell anyone, or else he would kill me,” she painfully recalled.

The abuse extended further when another relative, his sister, discovered these acts.

Instead of offering help, the sister manipulated the victim into performing similar acts on her, using threats of exposure to coerce compliance.

Sometimes I would serve both the sister and the brother on the same day. When I was inside with the brother, the sister would stand at the entrance to prevent anyone from coming in. I got addicted to it. Sometimes I would be the one to approach him,” she recounted.

This abusive environment led her to develop a compulsive need for sexual activity.

I got so addicted. Sometimes I just felt horny. Whenever I was in school, I would lock my room and start using my finger on my private part,” she admitted.

In her desperation for satisfaction, she eventually turned to dogs.

Until now, I am still feeling it to the point where I had to get myself two dogs. I would just lie on my bed, open my legs, and call on the dogs, ‘oya, start licking,’” she revealed with profound sadness.

Her ordeal did not end there.

She often felt overwhelming guilt and shame after these encounters, questioning her actions and breaking down in tears.

“After doing this, I would start crying. I would ask myself, why am I even doing this?”

However, in a terrible turn of events, a Nollywood actress cum podcast host, Abiola Akinrinde, has raised an alarm in a new video that the girl, named Nike, has reportedly committed suicide after the show.

“Omo yen ti pa ara e! She has committed su.icide!”

According to the host, she got a Whatsapp message from an alleged friend of Nike who informed her that Nike poisoned herself and left a suicide note in her diary for the host.

See video below;

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