Video Of Missing Ladies, Celine And Afiba Lying Unclad On Andrew’s Bed Surfaces

A video that has emerged online shows the missing ladies, Celine Ndudim and her Ghanaian friend Afiba Tandoh lying in Andrew’sbed.

According to earlier reports, the two women had traveled from Port Harcourt to Abia to meet Andrew, whom they had connected with on Facebook.

The whereabouts of Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh remain unknown after they traveled to meet Andrew Ochekwo.

Human rights activist Harrison Gwamnishu alleges that the women were kidnapped by Andrew, and an investigation into the matter is currently underway.

During a discussion on the In-Depth Analysis program, a female guest shared a video purporting to show the missing individuals, Celine and Afiba, in a compromising situation.

The guest claimed that the video, which appears to show the women unconscious and naked, is the last known footage of them.

The guest was speaking with Ben, who identified himself as a friend of Andrew’s, the individual alleged to be involved in their disappearance.

The authenticity and context of the video have not been verified, and the investigation is ongoing.

Check out reactions that followed …

@rfk3348 said: “This guy is in the game with Andrew. An adult friend can’t be sending such messages and videos to someone who is not in the same circle of character. Get this guy apprehended.”

@Zee_n1098 wrote: “This guy mus be arrested, why would he be sent such videos if he is not in that nonsense with his so called evil friend…. Noooooo, guys he needs to be held accountable as well for not reporting immediately when his friend sent him such. He is as guilty as his friend, if he didn’t know what his friend does he wouldn’t have sent him. They are in it together.”

@Chillingisbae remarked: “Mr Ben you knew all these evil acts of Mr Andrew, you didn’t report him or cut off from him. What a SHAME! God will judge you evil doers!”

@ibbyiyama7030 said: “Ben is COMPLICIT in this crime. Why didn’t he inform UK police of the whereabouts of Andrew since Nigeria police can not be trusted. UK Police should arrest him immediately for questioning.”

Watch the video below …


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