[VIDEO]: Oyedepo Reveals What Happens When Your Tithing Is Less Than Your Tithe

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at SHILOH 2022, COVENANT HIGHWAYS, Day 3 Encounter Night, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland.

According to him, everything living by that covenant stays alive by giving. You give out your carbon dioxide, the plant consumes it to make her food and the plant gives you back oxygen which you consume. It is a transaction. When you stop breathing, you start dying. If you don’t stop on time you will be dead. Can you imagine a farmer who stops farming because he has farmed for a long time? The day he stops farming, he starts going through famine, lack and want.

He then said that the day a believer stops giving, he has stopped breathing financially. He will start choking if he does not respond on time. Giving is living. Giving is breathing out from what you have consumed. Many will be free and discharged from the plague of covenant constipation from this service. Our new understanding of the spiritual dimension of seed sowing will empower your giving life for life. Jesus has been receiving my tithe consistently, in season and out of season since he showed me.

He further claimed that the beauty of the covenant is you can start from where you are. The tithe of N10 is N1. There is no geography or arithmetic about it but the tithe of N10,000 is not N1. Stop abusing the covenant. The tithe of N10,000. When you mark your envelope my tithe, the angel will say stop insulting God. I will take this to God as your offering. Many people think they are tithing, if it is less than tithe it is transferred to offering account. So no window opens, just blessings on what to eat and drink. Heaven is full of order. So when you tithe less than your tithe, it is transferred to offering account.

(Fast forward to 3 hours 10 minutes)


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