VIDEO: Sim Fubara Reacts After Wike Said He Did Not Know Fubara Was Rich And His Father Was A Shell Officer

In a recent video shared by Channels TV, Sim Fubara, the governor of Rivers State responded to a remark made by his predecessor, former Governor Nyesom Wike. Fubara disclosed that he was financially comfortable before becoming governor and his father was a Shell manager

Wike had stated that he didn’t know Fubara came from a wealthy background and that his father was a managing director at Shell. He made this comment while reacting to Fubara’s claim that he (Fubara) paid school fees for the children of some embattled lawmakers loyal to Martin Amaewhule and he even paid house rents for some of them

Wike said: “I never knew you were rich and that your father was a managing director of shell before and now you are paying school fees of the lawmakers’ children” 

However, reacting to Wike’s comments, Fubara said his father was a Shell officer in 2005. He also mentioned that he himself had been a manager at Shell before his involvement in public service. He emphasized that he was never in a position of financial need and he had enough resources to support himself and help others.

In Fubara’s words: “I know somebody said he didn’t know my father was a Shell officer. My father was already a Shell officer from 2005 when I started working in Finance. So if he says he didn’t know my father was a Shell officer, yes my father was a Shell officer. Before I started working here I was even a Shell manager, so I wasn’t a beggar, I had enough that I could eat and extend to people. So if he said ‘I didn’t know he was a Shell manager’ I was a Shell manager in my own corner”.

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