[VIDEO]: ‘Some People Are Deliberately Denied Access To Their PVCs In Certain Parts Of Lagos’ – Reuben Abati

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According to a report that broke out yesterday, some people in Ikorodu were told to come back next week for their PVC when they got to the INEC office in the area. The people complained that their destination is quite far to the INEC office and that it’s not convenient to come back everytime just to get their voters card. One of them even stated that he has been trying to get his voters card since the beginning of the year.

Reuben Abati in an Arise Tv show has called out to INEC to address the Issue. He argued that there is a similar case about the deliberate denial of access to PVC by INEC officials in Lagos state. He identified that this complains has not been this way in other states in the Nation. 

He said;

”It’s most unfortunate and indeed scandalous to see that INEC is unable to make the PVC available and this particular report from Ikorodu is something that the INEC must address. The people will like to know what exactly happened. Because especially in Lagos state, some people are deliberately denied access to their PVCs in certain parts of Lagos. And they think it’s an attempt to manipulate the process. INEC should not be part of any conspiracy or any attempt to compromise the integrity of the same electoral process they sworn to defend.”


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