VIDEO: Why Tinubu Aborted Plan To Give Money Directly To Nigerians – Economist Reveals

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Paul Alaje, an economist, revealed that President Tinubu initially planned to provide direct financial relief to Nigerians in response to the challenges of fuel subsidy removal.

However, he later changed course, redirecting the funds to the 36 states for the purchase of essential items like rice, citing feedback from the people.

Alaje expressed surprise at this reversal, suggesting that Tinubu may have been under pressure. The funds were intended for the states to distribute essential items to the people.

In Alaje’s words: “When Tinubu wanted to give money to Nigerians we said it is not right and he reversed it. He said he would no longer share the money that he got feedback from the people, I was shocked. But unfortunately the FAAC said the money should be given to the states and I think Tinubu was under pressure and he gave the money to the states to buy rice from what we saw in the media. Are Nigerians still eating those rice?”.

For more details, you can watch the interview here 

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