WAHALA: Man Who Accused AY Makun Of Sleeping With May Edochie, Cheating On His Wife Apologises (Video)

Agozi Samuel, a Nigerian man in Sierra Leone, has apologized for the defamatory allegations he made against famous comedian AY Makun.

Agozi had accused AY of being the reason behind Yul Edochie’s marriage to May crashing and of cheating on his wife, Mabel, with May Edochie. Samuel even went as far as questioning the paternity of one of AY’s daughters.

He urprisingly turn of events, he released another video seeking forgiveness from AY Makun. In a video, Agozi admitted that all the allegations he made were lies and that he made the video to gain fame and popularity.

He also noted that the videos gave him views and traffic he had never seen before, which was why he made them. Agozi claimed that no one paid him to say what he said.

The content creator’s apology video came days after Mabel had trended online on hints that she was facing marital issues in her marriage with AY Comedian.

Agozi’s actions have sparked a major uproar on social media, with many expressing their disapproval and calling for him to face the law.Some of the comments on Agozi’s apology video include:

@prima_donnar: “Each reason he gave pissed me off differently.”

@estherijewere: “Jesus. You threw people under the bus for clout. This is the height of it.”

@justmii123: “So he doesn’t regard May and Mabel as humans deserving his apologies. I hope he is dealt with.”

@sexyfarmerrita: “He should face the law so others will learn. Why didn’t you use yourself to trend?”

@ekolsbeauty1: “Yessss! You will trend but in jail! That’s where you belong!!!”


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