WATCH: Russian Soldier Send Strong Warning To Simon Ekpa

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A volunteer Russian soldier has issued a stern warning to Simon Ekpa, a self-proclaimed Biafran leader living in Finland, to stop using his pictures and videos to scam people. 

The soldier, who is of Biafran descent, took to social media to denounce Ekpa’s fraudulent activities, stating, “Stop using my videos and pictures to scam people. I don’t know you or share in any of your ideologies. I am a Biafran.”

This is not the first time Ekpa has been accused of using stolen content to deceive people. 

He has previously posted pictures from Ambazonia and Syria, claiming they were his men, and even claimed to have purchased a warship from North Korea, promising to deliver Biafra in 150 days. 

His fraudulent activities have left many innocent people financially and emotionally drained.

The Russian soldier’s warning serves as a reminder to be cautious of online scams and to verify the authenticity of information before sharing or sending money.

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