Watch Video As Verydarkman Calls Out Celebrity Chef Hilda Baci, Makes Bold Claim

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Drama As Verydarkman Accuses Ex-Guinness World Record Holder Hilda Baci of Fraud, Shares His Proof

Controversial Nigerian online activist Vincent Martins Otse, better known as VeryDarkMan (VDM), has come for celebrity chef and former Guinness World Record holder Hilda Baci over what he labelled a fraud.

In a video, VDM accused Hilda Baci of receiving the sum of N35k from people to hold an online cooking class for them.

According to the controversial activist, Hilda has refused to fulfil the terms of the agreement despite getting money from people who wanted to learn from her.

VDM shared screenshots of payments, private chats, and comments from people querying Hilda about the cooking class, which should have started in March.

“Hilda Bacci cannot collect money for cooking classes and ghost on them; it’s giving obtaining under false pretence which is a fraud,” the activist said.

Expressing his love for Hilda, VDM urged the celebrity chef to either refund the money or hold the cooking class.

In a caption of the video, VDM wrote:

“I love how you have worked to build your brand, I personally I am a fan however you can’t take money from that large number of people and not do what you are paid for and also not say anything about it,it’s giving fr^u.d…..if you ain’t doing the class return their money, read comment.”

Watch VDM’s video as he calls out Hilda Baci below:

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