‘We Hear Stories About A LG Chairman Snatching Fubara’s Telephone And Stamping On It’ —AnnKio Briggs

Renowned Niger Delta activist AnnKio Briggs has revealed a startling account of the alleged mistreatment of Governor Fubara by a local government chairman. In an interview with AIT, Briggs described the chairman’s actions as insulting, claiming that he snatched Fubara’s phone and stamped on it during a public event. 

Briggs acknowledged that this is a hearsay account and emphasised that the story highlights the governor’s calm demeanour in the face of disrespect. She thanked the youths of Rivers State, particularly the Ikwerre people, for standing up to defend the governor. 

According to him, “A man like Gov. Fubara, he’s so different from all the men that you’re seeing. The local government chairmen who didn’t support him look at the insult they rained down on him. We even hear stories about a local government chairman snatching his telephone from his hand and stamping on it (this is hearsay) because the former governor was speaking and he had his phone in his hand. We all see governors play with their phones at functions; I have seen a governor doing exactly the same thing when Yaradua was alive.”

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