We Will Shut Supply Of Food From The North To The South In The Coming Days – Northern Group

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A group, the Northern Consensus Movement has threatened to stop the supply of foodstuffs from the North to the South over attacks on its members.

Addressing a press conference, the leader of the group, Auwal Abdullahi said the decision to shut food supply to the South will be carried out in the next 21 days if the government and leaders from those regions do nothing to address the problem.

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“Across the shores of other parts of Nigeria, that is the Southwest, South-South and the Southeastern part of Nigeria, you are aware that some days ago, more than 10 trucks were burnt to ashes as well as lives and properties destroyed for no just course.

We will not tolerate this barbaric act by those that think they are above the law. We are law abiding so we will take a just course.

And we are saying enough is enough. Therefore the meeting today is resolving to take an action, and that action will also culminate in a formal announcement. In a short while from now, we will stop the supply of food to other parts of Nigeria from the North.

We will not retaliate by killing or destroying properties, but we will take an action that will send a signal to other parts of Nigeria until a decisive action is taken by the government and leaders of those regions for the protection of our members.”

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